Recycling Insurance Claims

Over the last 3 years the number of recycling insurance claims has increased together with the amount these claims have cost insurance companies.

The industry has records over $70 Million in Fire insurance claims over the last 24 months with the estimated premium pool at the time of around $8-10 Million resulting in significant losses to the insurers bottom line.

Due to the large number of fires and recycling insurance claims a number of local insurers including IAG and QBE are no longer offer cover to client in this section.

The Recycling Industry Solution

We have been working with a number of partners to develop a solution which hopes to minimise to premium increases being seen across the recycling industry by putting into place a clear and define insurance program for the industry.

Our program includes independent risk auditing which separates our clients from the rest when negotiating insurer renewal terms.

Client Partnerships

By partnering with LAI Insurance Brokers, you are gaining access to vast resources and expertise that will reduce losses and, ultimately, reduce your premium. We stand behind our client partners over the long haul and work to ensure their success through:

  • A risk auditing strategy constructed entirely on helping our partners thrive.
  • An intelligent and expedient renewal process enabling you to focus on running a successful business.
  • Proven insurer relationships that unlock access to exclusive markets and competitive pricing.

What is the most significant value in working with us? LAI is the industry’s most relationship-driven partner, offering exceptional service, price stability, and powerful resources forged by long term partnerships.

Lets Talk

Contact our recycling industry expert Cameron Lloyd directly on 0421 783 011 or via email to discuss your business.

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