Sawmill Insurance

Sawmill owners and operators present a fairly intense challenge for insurers. The industry has a reputation for being less than perfectly safe, the work depends heavily on hard wearing equipment, and the product is liable to all sorts of damage if stored poorly.

But getting the protection you’re after doesn’t have to be a battle. And you as a sawmill business operator don’t have to find yourself having repeated conversations about the lengths you go to ensuring the safety of your workers and your product. 

You can choose to work with LAI Insurance Brokers. 

Insurance for sawmill companies

LAI Insurance Brokers is home to a team of insurance professionals that understand how to get the best for you and your business. We have a wealth of experience in developing comprehensive insurance solutions that help provide niche businesses with the cover they need – including those that might be deemed a high-risk occupation.

We’ve helped sawmills, timber yards and a variety of other building product manufacturers develop the cover they need to push forward with confidence. Our vast industry knowledge in insurance for building products, sawmills and the timber industry, enables us to provide our clients with a wide array of insurance alternatives covering their broad risk exposure.

We can offer a number of policy coverages with our program that can include:

  • Sawmills
  • Timber Yards
  • Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Plywood and Veneer Manufacturing
  • Door Manufacturing
  • Truss and Laminated Beam Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Laminated Wood Products
  • Logging
  • Timber Mills
  • Woodchip Mills
  • Flooring Mills
  • Dry Kilns
  • Wood Preservers and Pressure Treating Facilities
  • Building Material Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Timber Processing
  • Portable Sawmills

Work with LAI Insurance Brokers

Whether it’s fallen timber stacks, malfunctioning machinery, or a fire that destroys your stock – there’s plenty to consider. But all that means is that you have to be circumspect where you can to bring your insurance premiums down to a manageable

LAI Insurance Brokers is home to a team that can help you account for these risks – and develop the cover you’re looking for when it comes to ensuring the ongoing viability of your sawmill business.

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