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Choose a Waste Management Insurance Broker who covers the risky business of recycling & Waste

When you’re involved in recycling or waste management, it can be extremely difficult to find someone who’s prepared to insure you. Finding a broker with a good understanding of the sector is key – someone who can minimise the restrictions to your cover while keeping your premiums as low as possible.

What is Recycling & Waste Management Insurance?

Recycling & Waste Management Insurance covers employer’s and public liability, business interruption and assets such as buildings, machinery and stock. A specialist policy will take account of the nature of your business and the risks you’re exposed to.

At Macbeth we work with specialist insurers who provide cover for businesses ranging from recycling stations, car breakers and scrap yards to skip and haulage hire companies and landfill site management companies. We also tailor policies for waste management companies, including those involved in clearing building materials, green waste, metal, glass, plastics, textiles, wood, electronics and domestic waste.

How it protects you
  • Public Liability – your policy covers claims made by members of the public for injuries or damaged property
  • Business Interruption – your gross profit is protected if you’re unable to operate at full capacity
  • Buildings and contents – your cover includes plant insurance and the cost to repair or replace damaged machinery
Why you should consider it
  • Recycling & Waste Management Insurance is important to protect your business assets
  • Having the right cover gives you peace of mind that your income and assets are protected.
  • A specialist policy enhances your professional standing with clients and meets qualification criteria for trade association membership.
  • Many brokers shy away from recycling because they don’t have access to the right insurers.
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LAI Insurance brokers have been helping businesses overcome the challenges of operating in this high-risk sector so we can find the right solution for you.

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