Plant & Machinery Insurance

The cost of unplanned downtime or theft can be huge – and no two businesses are ever entirely alike.

Trade Insurance

Working tradespeople face a broad range of personal safety and business risks in the course of their work. We can help you develop the cover you need.

Motor Wreckers Insurance

Motor wrecking is a trade that brings with it plenty of unique risks, and we’re here to help you navigate those safely.

Plumbers Insurance

Most plumbing business find the topic of their insurance cover headache inducing. We are here to help small to medium business owners like yourself.

Wineries & Vineyard Insurance

We have worked with winemakers, wineries and vineyards to generate targeted insurance coverage that gives operators peace of mind, without any unnecessary expense.

Food Manufacturing Insurance

With the need to operate at pace while maintaining standards, and the continual need to comply with stringent health and food safety requirements. We can help develop the cover you need.

Breweries Insurance

Breweries bring with them a range of complicating factors that need to be looked at. And similarly, not every brewery operates in the exact same way. We can offer a number of policy coverages with our program.

Small Business insurance

Having adequate insurance coverage is one of the most fundamental prerequisites for a successful business. Our service helps safeguard the livelihood of your workforce.

Cold Storage Insurance

We understand the various risks concerning cold storage. These risks pose a substantial cost to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We specialise in an array of sectors within this sector.

Logistics Insurance

Logistics carries huge pressure of ensuring that everyone is effectively coordinated, the responsibility you bear for the things you’re moving should be tailored to your business.

Caravan Industry Insurance

Whether you’re engaged in retail sales or you’re a caravan manufacturer, let us help find the insurance solutions that work for your unique business.

High Risk Occupation Insurance

Businesses of all shapes and sizes that engage in high risk work will find that the usual run of insurance policies don’t provide the cover they need. Get in touch with us for help.


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