LAI Insurance Brokers are committed to providing an efficient claims service to our clients and at all times we operate in the best interests of our clients to make the claims experience as easy as possible.

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LAI Insurance Brokers Claims Process

1 – Claims Notification

The client contacts us and during this conversation we assist by gathering details of the incident. Then, in order to formally notify the insurer, we advise the client what details the insurer will require, including claim forms and proof of loss details. 

2 – Lodgment

Once documentation is received, we formally lodge the claim with the insurer and talk with the insurer about the next steps in the claim’s remediation process.

3 – Management

We follow up insurers/assessors for regular updates to ensure the process is handled in a timely fashion and that the client’s claims process is as smooth as possible.

4 – Settlement

We assist in negotiating settlements on behalf of our client and we advocate for our clients to receive the best outcome possible whether that is a rebuild/repair or cash settlement.

5 – Finalisation 

The repair/settlement process is completed and once the client is happy with the outcome, the final costs of the claim are summarised on the file and the claim is closed.

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