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LAI Insurance Brokers is where you can find support in developing the protection you want for your business. We provide specialist insurance advice and support to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we know that we can help you find and implement the cover you need.

Logistics, manufacturing and construction businesses all across Australia rely heavily on their plant and machinery. But so many of these businesses are leaving themselves open to the risks of breakdowns and equipment malfunction. Plant and machinery related insurance policies are a way of insulating your business from the cost associated with unforeseen issues like this.

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    Insurance for the plant and machinery you rely on

    Whether it’s transport and logistics, manufacturing or the trades, if you rely on your plant and machinery to get a job done, you’re exposed to the risk of that machinery breaking down, being stolen, or simply not performing as it should. Rather than having to simply accept that risk, we encourage you to consider implementing insurance cover to account for it.

    LAI Insurance Brokers are here to help you find and implement the policies that you need to help account for any unexpected mishaps. We’ve helped clients of all shapes and sizes develop effective insurance cover for their:

    • Forklifts and material transport equipment
    • Drilling and earthmoving equipment 
    • Concreting and construction plant
    • Packaging machines and assembly lines
    • Agricultural equipment, and more!

    The cost of unplanned downtime or theft can be huge – and no two businesses are ever entirely alike. The team here at LAI Insurance Brokers can help you assess the unique risks you face as a business and find policies and insurance providers that match what you need to keep pushing forward.

    Work with LAI Insurance Brokers

    For professional help and ongoing support, you can’t look past LAI Insurance Brokers. Our team are here to help you generate a more steady and reliable mode of operation for your business – one that sees you provided with the support of effective and comprehensive plant and machinery insurance policies.

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