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Running a business of any kind takes plenty of work. But when you’re a working tradesperson who’s on the tools and handling the admin after hours – you can fast run out of time to look beyond invoicing and basic bookkeeping. At LAI Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves on being the insurance specialists to turn to when it comes to finding effective business insurance and policies that work for you and your trades business. 

What we can do for you is help you determine the best path forward for you and your business. We can help you develop the cover you need and help keep your regular premiums low. For professional guidance on getting the insurance cover you need, and support if it ever comes time to make a claim, reach out to the team at LAI Insurance Brokers today.

    Effective insurance cover for tradespeople

    Working tradespeople face a broad range of personal safety and business risks in the course of their work. Despite that, it isn’t common that insurance providers do the work to make their policies easy to understand and implement. LAI Insurance Brokers is a team set about smoothing the path to effective insurance cover. 

    We don’t work for any of the providers that we connect our clients with. Rather, we work for you, helping you understand both the details and the big picture of developing effective insurance cover for your business. For trades clients from plumbing, carpentry, electricians, and more niche lines of trade work like boiler making and more, we can help you protect your business in the event of equipment malfunction and theft, business interruption, public liability claims, and more.

    Reach out to LAI Insurance Brokers today!

    LAI Insurance Brokers is home to a team of insurance specialists that have a wealth of experience helping working tradespeople develop the insurance cover they need. We offer quotes as well as a range of specialised insurance support services that ensure you’re never left without the support you need to keep your business and your livelihood up and running.

    We provide our services far and wide across Australia. Whether you’re a trade client in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra or anywhere else, we’re the team for you. So, if you are looking for affordable, reliable and all-inclusive cover for your business, get in touch with the team here at LAI Insurance Brokers today for a quick and obligation free online quote. 

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