Whether you’re engaged in retail sales or you’re a caravan manufacturer, LAI Insurance Brokers is the team to turn to for help finding the insurance solutions that work for your business. We offer professional caravan industry insurance quotes from Australia’s leading insurers – but importantly, we don’t work for them. Our point of difference is that we work for you, the client, helping you ensure that you’re never paying more than you have to for the peace of mind that comes with a well thought out business insurance strategy.

Work with LAI Insurance Brokers to Protect your Business in the Caravan Industry

We see too many retailers, manufacturers and related businesses in the caravan industry taking on undue risk in their operations. A business insurance policy that is chosen specifically to meet your needs as a caravan retailer, manufacturer or related business is imperative to protect your business from accidental damage, including theft, fire, water damage and much more.

Our extensive experience and expertise in insurance brokerage has seen us develop strong ties with all the leading insurance companies in automotive and caravan insurance. These connections are a big part of how we ensure that we’re getting the best result possible for each of our clients. We are an independent insurance broker – which means that we work on your behalf, not for the insurance companies. You can expect a quality insurance package with the best value when dealing with LAI Insurance Brokers.

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The team here at LAI Insurance Brokers provide each and every one of our clients with a comprehensive and personalised business insurance solution that is designed specifically for their needs. We know that a well thought out business insurance strategy is essential for businesses at virtually every step of their development.

Get in touch with us today to get started on developing the insurance cover you want for your business. We have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Gisborne – but we work with small businesses of all kinds all across Australia. 

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