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Logistics businesses of all shapes and sizes face a host of challenges. There’s the huge pressure of ensuring that everyone is effectively coordinated, the responsibility you bear for the things you’re moving, and managing client relationship on top of all that. But if your logistics operation is in the business cold storage and transport – you’ve got another layer of complexity that spans across virtually every aspect of getting the job done. 

Finding insurance that covers what needs covering (but doesn’t break the budget) is a challenge for operations as unique as those in the cold storage and logistics industries. But LAI Insurance Brokers is where you can find a team that knows how to get that done. We can assist you in developing the insurance cover you need specifically because we aren’t the insurance company – we’re the brokers that have the experience and expertise to help you get the best out of those providers.

Common avenues of risk for logistics and cold storage companies

We understand the various risks concerning cold storage and logistics companies. These risks pose a substantial cost to businesses of all shapes and sizes. From food manufacturers through to breweries, wineries and vineyards and more.

Additionally, the industry has a limited number of insurance providers because of the inherent risk of the transport sector combined with EPS cold storage construction.

We specialise in an array of sectors within transport and logistic industry areas including cold storage, transport, cold chain logistics, food processors/manufacturers, refrigerated transport, local transports, truck insurance and general transport operators.

Get the best insurance cover for your logistics and cold storage business

The team here at LAI Insurance Brokers have a wealth of experience in developing targeted insurance cover for niche businesses. We the knowledge and expertise on hand to assist logistics and cold storage companies like yours get the best outcome.

We provide our clients with the expertise and support they need in making targeted decisions about their insurance cover. Further, we do it for niche clients all across Australia. So, whether you’re operating locally, or operating in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Hobart and Canberra LAI is perfectly placed to assist you and your logistics business.

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When you choose LAI Insurance Brokers , you gain access to complete, result-oriented insurance solutions covering all aspects of the transport & logistics industry.

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