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At LAI Insurance Brokers, we understand that managing an association of any size comes with its own set of complexities and risks. Developing ways to account for those risks is a difficult task, and it isn’t helped by the jargon that insurance providers use to bury important details about their policies.

What we do is bridge the gap between clients like you and your association, and the insurance providers that are best situated to meet your needs. For a quick and easy path to the insurance cover you want for your association, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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    Insurance for Buying Groups and Associations made easy

    Our specialist insurance brokers are here to assist you in developing the cover you want for your association – starting with comprehensive assessments of your particular needs and working to develop and maintain the cover you need.

    By doing the work to create a complete picture of what you need from your insurance cover (and what you might not) we can help you become more targeted in your approach. This process can help uncover important questions about the risks you face as an organisation, and what you should be looking for in an insurance provider.

    Whether its legal liability, claims of improper collective action, or a risk that relates to the industry you operate within, the team at LAI Insurance Brokers are here to help.

    What we offer at LAI Insurance 

    LAI Insurance Brokers are committed to providing targeted and effective solutions to association clients all across Australia. We first seek to understand your needs by actively engaging with your members and develop strategies in line with what we learn.

    We offer solutions to associations and buying groups across Australia and a variety of industries including Hardware, Retailers, Sports Associations, Medical, Buying Groups and Independent Retailers.

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    For reliable, fast and affordable advice on developing the cover you want for your association, reach out to the team at LAI Insurance Brokers. You can get started today here online with an obligation free quote, fill out our contact form, or reach out directly to Cameron on 0421 783 011 or via email

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