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Whether you’re leading an established plumbing business, or you’re just getting started – the team here at LAI Insurance Brokers are here to help small to medium business owners like yourself. We can help you find the insurance policies that will provide you, your workers, and your clientele with the peace of mind you need to work at your best and mitigate the risk of any setbacks. 

Plumbing Insurance Made Easy

Virtually any business owner will have things felt they could have done better when setting up their business. Ask enough people and you’ll find that most of those things will have something to do with their management of risk. But there are some common causes for that experience.

Generally speaking, many business insurance brokers are not set about making their products easy to understand. Couple that with the conditions that make your business unique, and you’ll see why most plumbing business find the topic of their insurance cover headache inducing.

We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of getting the cover that suits your small to medium sized plumbing business. Providing you with the opportunity to buy insurance online and eliminate the running around that often comes with insurance for small businesses.

Public Liability Insurance for Plumbers in Melbourne and Brisbane

No two businesses are alike – but small to medium businesses in industries as diverse as waste management to retail all have to grapple with the question of public liability. Small to medium plumbing businesses aren’t the exception. We’ve helped plumbing businesses like yours in both Melbourne and Brisbane develop the public liability cover they need. 

The team here at LAI Insurance Brokers can assist you in understanding the conditions specific to your business and how you’re best served by policies on the market. We work for you, the client, not the insurance agencies – because that’s how we ensure that our clients get the best result and the cover they need.

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