Professional Indemnity

If you have professional practice, it is important to shield it from the possibility of financial loss with Professional Indemnity insurance. Former clients may come up with disputes, or others may show up at your door step claiming damages allegedly caused by your failure to provide the correct advice, design or service. Whatever the extent of the resulting legal liability may be, we are here to help you avoid the uncertainty and expenses of protracted litigation.

Mistakes happen, and they can happen to anyone, and unfortunately professional mistakes can be costly. Even if the claims against you are completely without merit, the defence, and settlement proceedings can consume a significant amount of your finances. However, our professional indemnity &liability insurance solutions offer you an extensive cover from expenses and issues related to claims that may arise from errors, omissions or negligent acts.

As brokers here at LAI Insurance Brokers, we offer professional indemnity insurance quotes as well as a range of specialised services throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra as well as many other parts of Australia. We work closely with your practice to design effective and well-tailored professional liability coverage that delivers superior financial safety net.

If you are looking for affordable, reliable and all-inclusive professional indemnity coverage, get in touch with us today for a quick online quote.